So, I’m going to Europe tomorrow…

I’ve only traveled out of the country once in my life. I got the wonderful opportunity to visit Guatemala for a week with the Highland Support Project while in high school, and I’ve been to a number of places in the states, but this is going to be travel on a whole new level for me.

Although I’ve barely traveled, I have a passion for the world. In my Ph.D. program, two-thirds of our students are international. I haven’t been to India or Lebanon or China, but I’ve gotten to know their cultures through my graduate school friends over the past several years.

This trip feels like I’m finally living a dream.

Amy Hermundstad and I will be traveling to Iceland and Germany before heading to Zurich to meet the rest of the Global Perspectives Program crew for the official school trip. Driving on I-81 today, puffin tour on Sunday. I still don’t believe this is real life.


As we visit universities and meet faculty and students, my research question for the trip will focus on the role of a faculty member as a mentor to students. I want to learn the differences in the way that faculty view their jobs through different countries in order to be the best mentor I can be in my career.

I have no idea what to expect, but I know that I’m excited to be there.


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