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Clustering of pain dynamics in sickle cell disease from sparse, uneven samples
G.K. Nave Jr., S. Padhee, A. Alambo, T. Banerjee, N. Shah, & D.M. Abrams (2021)
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Pain intensity assessment in sickle cell disease patients using vital signs during hospital visits
S. Padhee, A. Alambo, T. Banerjee, A. Subramaniam, D.M. Abrams, G.K. Nave Jr., & N. Shah (2021)
Pattern Recognition. ICPR International Workshops and Challenges, 77-85.
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Wind dispersal of natural and biomimetic maple samaras
G.K. Nave Jr., N. Hall, K. Somers, B. Davis, H. Gruszewski, C. Powers, M. Collver, D.G. Schmale III, & S.D. Ross (2021)
Biomimetics, 6(2), 23.
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Attraction, dynamics, and phase transitions in fire ant tower-building
G.K. Nave Jr., N.T. Mitchell, J.A. Chan Dick, T. Schuessler, J.A. Lagarrigue, & O. Peleg (2020)
Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 7, 25.
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Global phase space structures in a model of passive descent
G.K. Nave Jr. & S.D. Ross (2019)
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 77, 54-80.
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Trajectory-free approximation of phase space structures using the trajectory divergence rate
G.K. Nave Jr., P.J. Nolan, & S.D. Ross (2019)
Nonlinear Dynamics, 96: 685-702.
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Nonlinear Models and Geometric Structure of Fluid Forcing on Moving Bodies
G.K. Nave Jr. (2018)
Doctoral Thesis, Virginia Tech.
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Drop formation from a wettable nozzle
B. Chang, G.K. Nave Jr., & S. Jung (2012)
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 17(5), 2045-2051. 
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